Dr. Larry Finn Offers Dental Cleanings

WARREN, MI – Dr. Larry Finn (http://www.dr-finn.com), offers dental cleaning, and urges the public to get regular cleanings because they promote overall health, especially for patients with diabetes or heart disease. The purpose of getting a dental cleaning is to remove plaque, tarter and stains that have accumulated on the […] Read more »

Dr. Larry Finn Offers Cosmetic Dentistry

WARREN, MI – Dr. Larry Finn (http://www.dr-finn.com), is offering cosmetic dentistry services, procedures to enhance the overall appearance of the mouth and create beautiful smiles. With Dr. Finn’s 30 years of dental experience, he has come across many people who simply do not like their teeth or smile. Cosmetic dentistry […] Read more »

Dr. Larry Finn Accepts Delta Dental Insurance

WARREN, MI – Dentist Dr. Larry Finn (http://www.dr-finn.com), is making it easier for patients to afford their dental procedures by accepting Delta Dental insurance for his dental services at his practice in Warren, Michigan. Dr. Finn and his team understands how expensive dental procedures can be. In order to make […] Read more »

Dr. Lawrence Finn Offers Root Canals

WARREN, MI – Dr. Lawrence Finn (http://www.dr-finn.com), is offering root canals, a procedure that repairs and saves a badly damaged or infected tooth, rather than extracting it. When the pulp, the tissue inside the tooth, becomes inflamed or infected, a root canal (also known as an endodontic treatment) is performed. […] Read more »

Dr. Lawrence Finn Offers Painless Dentistry

WARREN, MI – Dr. Lawrence Finn (http://www.dr-finn.com), in Warren, is informing the public about his service, painless dentistry, which helps the patient to relax and feel more comfortable during their dental procedures. As a professional and experienced dentist, Dr. Finn has seen how dental procedures can create unwanted nervousness, fear […] Read more »