Photo Gallery

Here are several photo galleries of our patients, many showing their teeth before and after.


Natural looking whiter, brighter, more youthful appearance to teeth:

Bonding and Gumline Fills

Fractures of teeth and tooth decay can be replaced with tooth colored filling material called composite. This can be bonded in place and matched to your natural tooth color. We can also fill in undesirable spaces with cosmetic bonding.

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Create beautiful smiles with metal free -all porcelain- crowns. Fractured, decayed, broken, discolored, and overlapped asymmetrical teeth can be restored to create the smile you desire.

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Dentures replace lost teeth, improving smiles and function for a natural esthetic look. We can also attach these to mini-implants to create stability and harmony.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Restoring entire arches, upper and lower, or both, to develop a correct bite relationship along with superb form and function.

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Designed differently depending upon what is appropriate for you.

Different Implants for Different Purposes
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Partial dentures and flippers

These are for replacement of lost teeth to create natural beautiful smiles.

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Snap On Smile

A Hollywood type smile that snaps on over your present teeth to give you an instant near-perfect smile. An excellent alternative to costly dental treatment.

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